client mode - wifi - DHCP

Hi, i want to use vera 3 as a wifi bridge. I can connect vera to my wifi and get connection in client mode. But when i plug a computer to the 4 lan ports of the vera i got a 192.168.81.x address meaning that vera have a dhcp running on and some kind of NAT working on it. Is possible to disable the DHCP in client mode and let the lan port of the vera get addreses from the main router-dhcp server? (I think this should be the default operation in client mode/bridge)
This is an issue because i will get two networks and the elements in the primary network wont be able to connect to the ones connected to the vera lan ports.
Have anyone been able to make this happen.
If someone have ssh or telnet comand so i can test this wold be great.


Andres Cotrino

The PC’s or devices on the Vera should be able to take to the device on the “WAN” side of the vera since thats how routing works.

It is just overkill and your are double natted going out… but It will work … we do this on purpose for a lab environment in our office.

The real issue is when thou want to host a server on the secondary LAN… you have to port forward through 2 routers.

I leave my vera3’s wireless and network alone… not worth the hassle

I have a VistaCam PT and was able to configure it only by running an ethernet cable from the VistaCam to the back of my Vera3. The result is as alangraph reported; my VistaCam was assigned an IP address of 192.168.81.x. This IP address is necessary for the VistaCam to operate wirelessly.
OK. Now I find that I cannot connect to 192.168.81.x in a browser unless my Mac is connected to the Vera3 network.
I don’t particularly want to run my Vera3 as a wireless bridge, because the documentation (at says that a direct connection to my main router is “best.” Is there another solution for bridging the Vera3 NAT?