Chumby (kicking around an old topic)

Anyone using chumby with Vera?? Anyone know of any apps for vera/chumby in the works?

wseverino posted something about the samsung app… written in flash light… i asked if this meant that it could be ported to chumby, and i think he said yes… we’ll see when that comes out I guess…

If I had 5 minutes to spare, I’d love to get some kind of simple app made using flash for Chumby and the Infocast. Even if all it did was have 4-8 scene buttons on the screen, that would be useful. It doesn’t sound like it would be that hard to do, providing some fields for the user to input scene information or URLS. The Samsung app wouldn’t translate well to Chumby (being an onscreen overlay GUI), but some of the backend code could be used surely.

I love my Infocast and I was able to run a browser on it and UI4 looked pretty good, but it was a pain to have to reboot the Infocast with a thumb drive attached to run the browser and then use a stylus to scroll, due to small right-hand scroll bar. What is really great about the platform is there is already an app for IP Cameras (which could use some tweaks but it works well).