CHANGES in VERA UI5 not detected

Hi all.

I have edited the contents and name of 2 scenes in my VERA UI5. ImperiHome on my HTC One ‘saw’ the changed scenes almost immediately. But ImperiHome on my NEXUS 7 tablet is still showing the old scenes. I have rebooted, left for a few hours… but am running out of ideas.

Any ideas on how to ‘force’ the new changes to be detected? Or what might be causing the problem?

Try hitting the RELOAD Devices on ImperiHome (up in the top margin, the two circular arrows chasing each other :slight_smile: ) Usually works for me

Thanks clippermiami. I’ve pressed reload in dashboard view and list view. Nothing! I’ve also rebooted the tablet and VERA. The old scenes are still showing.

Must be doing something stupid, just can’t figure it out!

did you solve this already?
looks like a connectivity problem of your 2nd tablet.

can you normally control the vera using the 2nd tablet?

Thanks Otje. I couldn’t figure it out, so just deleted the scenes and re-created with new names. The tablet detected that fine.

thanks for sharing Patersom.

Strange that you have to make new scenes, but at least you found a work around