change status virtual button without triggering scene which is linked to it

I made some virtual switches which trigger scenes.

I now want to use a specific lua code to set some lighting on specific events using an other scene, when this happens 1 of the virtual switches should also change from ON to OFF our reverse.

But when i use this scene to set this button it triggers an other scene, this is not what i want.

So my question therfore is:

is it possible to change the status of a virtual switch without triggering a scene which has this switch as a trigger as well?


But you could possibly accomplish what you want to do using a little bit of LUA programming. For example, setting a global variable that would be checked in the other scene (and abort the other scene as appropriate).

i.e. In the scene that you want the other scene to not run:

gSuppress = 1

in the scene that is triggered:

if gSuppress == 1 then
gSuppress = 0
return false

You should use global variables with caution, since they will disappear everytime Vera decides to reboot.

With this amount of coupling between scenes you should consider using PLEG.

solved the problem bij using variable conatainer, her i set: variableX → true/false
I can read and set this from all scene’s, the variable container is ‘read only’ for users :slight_smile: