Change device type.

Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your advise.
I am in Australia and I have a couple of the z-series appliance controllers
I also run a couple of z-series lamp controllers

Vera sees the appliance controller as a non-dimmable lamp controller rather than an on/off switch, this means if I have my dishwasher plugged into the appliance controller I cannot use the all lights off function to turn off the lamp controllers without it killing the dishwasher.
Any ideas?

Are you using a MCV Vera to control your devices?
I’m not aware of an all off button…

Just create a scene that turns off just what you want to turn off. ::slight_smile:

My Innovus devices can be excluded from all off by setting All Switch to 0x02.

Maybe you appliance controller have something similar?


Hi Tony,

I don’t believe that there’s a way to change that. I think that Z-wave conflates the two concepts, so there isn’t really anything that Vera can do about it. But I could be wrong.