causing overall network crash

Unit has not been functioning correctly for some time. I have tried unsuccessfully to do factory reset. All devices go away, but will not allow for more then only one device to be added after with out unit not responding. When unit is on network it causes network to crash numerous times per day. Which require rebooting of modem and router to once again bring the rest of the network back. Unit has been off line for over a month now. I am at wits end. Is there anyway to force flash original factory firmware on the device to get it work again.

Is your vera setup with a static ip or a dynamic ip assigned by your router? When doing a factory reset, are you also wiping the zwave network as well? If you could plug the unit back in and go to the webpage, what does it say for the zwave firmware?

  • Garrett

Sorry for the delay in response.
I just redid all resets.
The device is on a static IP from router and shows 1.1.1350 firmware presently.

It appears that I was able to load more then one device onto device this time. I may have found the cause. I battery backup power supply in a thermostat may have caused the thermostat to recall it’s paring and caused the issue. Will advise if this works over the next few days/hours.

It’s been several days with no issues and all working 100%. Seems like the thermostat was the issue.