Can't turn light off using timer

My kids never switch off the bathroom light so I want to make a simple PLEG argument to turn the light off a specified time after it has been turned on. For testing purposes I’m using 10 seconds but it’s not working, the light simply stays on. I’ve attached my Status Report, if anyone can, er, shine a light on it I would be grateful.

Try using the now operator. I would start with a minute or more, unless your kids relieve themselves very quickly. :wink:

tBathroomLightOn; NOW > 1:00

For action, you don’t need to use the repeat, just do the SetTarget to 0 for your Bathroom light [22] switch.

Action: c1BathroomCountdown
Device Actions:
Device Action Arguments
Bathroom light [22] SetTarget newTargetValue=0

Hope this helps.

That makes sense - I’ll give it a whirl, thanks!

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