Can't save Scene settings. Help!

New Vera 2 UI4.

I create a new scene. On the Commands tab I set up a command, in this case “turn a light on and leave it”. I go to the Events tab to set up the event, which is another light being turned on. I switch back to the Command tab and it says “no devices”. If I select “Run scene” on the Edit tab it says the scene is invalid.

The only way I can get the Command tab to retain its settings is to select a Room under the trash can, but then if I later change anything on the Commands tab the changes won’t stay in effect even after clicking the Room assignment. Where the heck is the Save button?!?

Creating a scene should be elementary. What’s the secret? ???

you will not see the commands you entered unless you select the room again. Then you should see the commands.

When you are done creating the scene, click on the X to close the scene window. Near the top right of the dashboard, you will see the word save in red. Click there and wait until the server is no longer busy.

Then you should be able to test your scene.