Cant reflash firmware after boot loop.... Now stuck with Openwrt screens


My first question is… is it normal to have to reflash the vera lite every darned week… install an app = crash, unplug the vera = crash etc. Ive never known anything so bad… Anyways on to my problem.

I unplugged my vera to today and when I plugged it back in it was in a boot loop where it would get to sold blue light, the green light would flash twice and then the unit would crash, all four lights come on and reboot (then loop)

I have had to reflash using the upgrade utility a few times already in the past month so did the same again (ive also had to SSH in and reset a couple of times) .I Put the unit into reset mode and updgraded with the vera recovery firmware. Now the green light is constantly flashing and when I log in I get an error screen and “click here”. This takes me to an openwrt page with various system screens.

If I try to erase and reboot from SSH I get lots of bad sector messages… oh dear! Can anyone advise?

To me, it sounds as if your Vera are broken. I recently had to replace my vera3 due to similar experience (flash bad). It is not normal (or good) to reinstall every week - sooner or later your flash will give up.

Ask support for help!

I’ve opened a ticket (by sending mcv an email). I have seen another thread where a bad nand ram corruption seemed to lead itself to something similar to me and mcv resolved it remotely…hopefully they can do the same for me!