Can't re-paired my everspring Motion sensors on VeraLite UI7 !!

Hi there,

More than one year ago, I migrated from UI5 to UI7.

All my devices previously installed under UI5 were working well after migration … except some errors occuring in the UI7 Dashboard but jobs were done (motion detection, door/windows open detection and siren ringing !!).

Now a days, I have to change batteries on my devices. After change done, I can’t re-include my devices.

The first case is for the both Everspring SP814-1 motion detector.
I deleted them … but I can’t re-install them since they are not listed in the devices list
I tried without success these choices :

  • Other devices → Other ZWave device (Unknown Model)
  • Generic Device

The Generic device choice seems to be the good one since the parameters shows Veralite detected well the device :
device_type : urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:MotionSensor:1
manufacturer : ES
device_file : D_MotionSensor1.xml

THat sounds good. But the Motion detector doesn’t detect anything anymore !!
No more led lighting, red when motion detected or green when no movement detected !

Why this model is not anymore listed in the devices list ?? Why can’t we installed this very standard model from everspring !!??

Help !!

Hi there,

Anyone to help me ?? I have retried today without success. THe SP814 isn’t listed and generic device doesn’t work …


Following the early July firmware update I lost triggering from my Everspring ST814 humidity sensor. The batteries just died on my Everspring SP814 motion sensor and now it refuses to respond or trigger. I am so frustrated along with you.