Can't permanently change the wifi encryption key

I am trying to get my system set up to where Vera connects to my router and all my other devices connect to vera rather than my main internet router. The reason for this is because my main router signal is too weak and i can’t get reliable wifi from the entire house. The vera seams a bit stronger. The first problem I encountered is that my printer won’t accept the default encryption key that the vera ships with. It immediately errors out and says wep key must be a certain amount of characters. So I thought my solution would be to change the encryption key on vera. I did and change it to a thirteen digit key and the printer accepted it. I then proceeded to get everything set up. Change all my devices to the new encryption key. Figured out how to change all of my port forwarding so that my main router routes to vera and then vera routes to computer. Everything was working. Then I noticed that on of my streaming devices wasn’t working. I used a port checker and found that even though it had been working now the port wasn’t open checked and double checked everything seams to be set correctly, and previously the port checker had showed that it was open. So I figured I would unplug everything and let it all boot back up and see what happened. Here is the main problem I am posting about, my encryption key had reverted back to the default and nothing would connect. I have tried several times, and eventually no matter what I do it reverts back to the default key. Is this a bug, or is there some additional step I need to do to permanently change the key. Also wanting to know if anyone has any explanation for the port not staying forwarded. Like I say I used a port checker and it was forwarded, now it is not. The port forwarding command is still present in my main router and in vera as well.

This is likely not the answer you’re looking for, but wireless routers are pretty cheap.

I just would prefer not to have to depend on the wireless speeds permitted by the Vera wireless connection. My Vera is connected through a switch and is configured as a switch.