Cant get my pleg to work

Hello guys!

I’m quite new to the Whole HA thing, but I’ve been studying it in the backgrounds for some time.
Recently i bought myself a VeraPlus (Happy times :smiley: :smiley: ), and I found out that I might as well just start Learning PLEG.

So here’s my problem.
I have a light in the hall that I want to just be on at certain times. It should be on between sunset and 23:30 in the evening and then again between 05:35 and 08:00 in the morning.

I started with building my schedule, the Whole week fra sunset, with stop time 23:30. And the same in the morning.
However when I build my condition I think I do something wrong, because it wont turn off again. It stays lit after 23:30.

I’ve also put in the mods I’m in.
I think I did something like this yesterday for the condition:
(sMorning or sEvening) AND (mHome or mNight)

Is there something missing?
Why wont it work? Am I missing something?
The action is of course to turn set the wallplug to 1. This should automaticly go back to 0 when the condition hits stop time?

Thanks in adavance!

Hello there,
I am a beginner just like you, also struggling to make the house work for me and not the other way around, and run into difficulties making the PLEG work as i want to.
But that said I think the solution to your problem is rather simple (more experienced guys can correct me if I am wrong), Just add a condition to turn the light OFF, cause now you just telling it when to go ON and there is nothing to turn it OFF.
you can add something like:
(!sMorning and !sEvening) “-----> notice the exclamation mark before the schedules (”!") which says “NOT” the condition…"
and the action would be to turn it OFF (=0).
the problem is that if you will light it on manually it will probably will turn it off automatically outside of those hours… trying to figure out this problem as well 8)
hope it helps. let us know if it worked…

If you need help, you need to post a status report in PDF format…

[quote=“Sender”]If you need help, you need to post a status report in PDF format…[/quote]As we said, beginners… How do you do that?

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Open status report and save as pdf?

[quote=“Sender”]Open status report and save as pdf?[/quote]Yepp
I figured it out

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