Can't get ALL ON to work with WS15Z-1 and WT00Z


I am trying to install an ON/OFF switch with a Wall Accessory switch in a 3-way configuration. I think I have it wired correctly since I can turn the lights on and off from the main switch but can only turn them off from the accessory switch. I can turn them on and off from the Veralite dashboard and from the Vera home app but can’t figure out how to use the wall accessory to turn the lights on. I’ve searched the forum but cannot figure out how to fix this. I’m not good with coding so I hope it isn’t too hard. Any help is appreciated.

The W00Z1 is a scene controller and works by association with the switch. The WT00Z1 should be configured with the WS15Z-1 associations. To do this, click the wrench on the WT00Z1 in Vera’s GUI.

[ol][li]Go to the Device options tab.[/li]
[li]Type 1 in the Group ID field and click Add group[/li]
[li]Now click the Set button that just appeared.[/li]
[li]Select the WS15Z-1 from the list of devices and click Back to ZWave options at the bottom of the page.[/li]
[li]Click the X to close the WT00Z1 property sheet.[/li]
[li]Click Save.[/li][/ol]

Vera should now configure the WT00Z1 to issue commands to the WS15Z-1 and everything should work. There is also a chance that the switches, being newly installed, have not yet determined proper routes. A Z-Wave network heal should resolve that issue.

Thank you, Z-Waver! I think this will fix my issue. Also, I think I need to run the traveler wire to the hot so both switches are hot. I REALLY appreciate the help. I am new to this and learning things as I go.

What do you mean? Does the WT00Z1 not already have power? Have you not already included it into Vera?

It’s included into Vera but it only has power when the lights are on.

This is not wired correctly. The WT00Z1 is a stand alone Z-Wave device/scene controller and it requires dedicated power at all times.

It’s no wonder you could turn the lights Off from it(when it was powered) but not back On(when not powered).

Yeah, between trying to learn Vera AND electrician work, I’m over my head a little it seems. Thank you, again.

Your wiring may be different, but hopefully the following diagram will help.

For the purpose of this installation:
LRM-AS == WS15Z-1
LTM-5 == WT00Z1

This diagram helps but I was only getting power to the scene controller when the lights were on. When I could turn the lights off from remote side but couldn’t them on, I had what looks like a load wire on the remote side hooked up with the hot wire. I tried using the traveler to connect constant power to the remote side then couldn’t get the lights to turn off. Now I’ve got the traveler connecting power to remote side power and the load wire on remote side connected to the neutral wires. Both the switch and scene controller can turn the green light on and off on their own device but neither are turning the kitchen lights on. I think I may call an electrician soon - very frustrating.

It also may be a config issue but I would think the wall switch at least should work without programming into Vera? I tried removing them both but not sure it was ever successful. I never saw the lights blinking quite as fast as I think they are supposed to. Anyways, thank you again. I will work on this more tomorrow.