Can't Find Email Notification Setting ?


I have recently transferred from a Veralite to a Vera 3 (via a backup transfer) and have noticed that the email notification setting I have on my motion sensor has gone missing.
Now, I should stress, I am still receiving an email whenever it trips, its just that the notification setting is not visible within the device ?

Am I missing something obvious ?
If not, is there another way to see the enabled email notifications - as I want to turn it off ?

Is this UI5?

Is the notification tab missing, or is the particular notification missing form the notification tab?

Can you add a new notification to the same device?

Sorry I don’t have an answer for you.

Hi @Z-Waver

Yep, UI5, and the Notifications tab is there

I can also add a new notification to the device, no problem, but for some reason it doesn’t show the original one (yet it’s still active as I am being emailed)

It’s also being reported in the logs, so it’s definitely stored somewhere…

(Head-scratch ???)

The notification can also be attached to a trigger for a scene. You might check there.

Thanks @RTS, there it is !

I’m thinking now that the customised .json update I did for motion sensors would have caused it to disappear…