Can't download my archive snapshots :(


I have checked everywhere around here and i didn’t found an answer so i opened a new topic.
When i go to the “Account” te “My Alerts” tabs, i see that i have pictures (triggered by a sensor)

And when i click on “Download”, there is nothing to see, just a white square with a looping GIF. :frowning:

The adress of the archive is something like :

What can i do to see my archives ?

I have a Vera 3 with last firmware of UI5 … Please Help :slight_smile:

Hi CedGex,

You should be able to see your pictures now. Can you confirm?

Hi mcvflorin,

Yes, i found a solution about that “known” problem.
I didn’t filled in the MAC address field.

That’s why i couldn’t access mu archives !

Now I can see my pictures. I have not done some tests for the video but i am pretty sure it will work :slight_smile:

Thx anyway for asking :slight_smile:

Can you be more specific on how to get the images to load? I just get a white window with a motion circle…no image. Thanks

I am experiencing the same issue. I have been using my Vera3 for a week now and a few sensors archive images. Whether its from those events or if I just click ‘archive’ on the camera device itself, I am unable to ever view the archived images/video. I also see the spinning icon and it never loads the image. I have tried this logged in remotely and locally.

Any solution?

In actually got images to load on my laptop (Internet Explorer). I cannot get images to load on my iPad web browser (I just get the spinning icon and question marks where the image thumbnails should be).

After I updated my cameras with MAC addresses I was able to view the camera snapshots. I contacted MCV about the video archives (which claimed to be available since Vera1) and they said they won’t be available until next month when they will charge 2.99/mo for 1GB of storage.

It would be nice to see them allow dropbox or Google Drive storage.