Can't download firmware 1.5.322

I keep going to the MiOS page, and it keeps scanning for my Vera3, but keeps saying it can’t find it.

Is there a direct link to the new firmware?


no there is only this link provided and the built-in dashboard firmware upgrade doesnt upgrade to beta firmwares (not that it aint beta allready but ok)
have you checked your network ?
best practice is to login locally and also to your account and press the IE message for displaying not-secure content
then goto firmware page and see if it works.after this in the same tab in the browser goto page [url=][/url]
vera light : [url=]MiOS
vera 3 : [url=]MiOS
when it doesnt connect first time… just press button try again

You can also paste the link below into the “URL for Vera custom firmware” box:

Thank you, that URL did it!

You are welcome :slight_smile: