Can't Detect Device GE 45609

I have a Vera Plus and running firmware 1.7.2608.

I have several hard wired light switches where it says “Can’t Detect device.” However, the devices work. If I turn the light on, the error goes away, but it comes back a little later.

I have 13 of these switches and 3 or 4 give this message. One device is totally lost and does not work at all and I get “Unable to get any information on node.” For this I guess I need to try to forget and re-pair.

The lights are GE/Jasco 45609 switches I had for around 3 years.

For the one device that does not work, I did look at re-pairing, but the GE 45609 is not listed as a light switch so I did not do anything with it yet. Do I need to select is a a generic z-wave device under the add device?

Any ideas?



I had to choose generic.

I have 2 door sensors that sometimes cannot be detected but work fine. I just ignore the error.