Can't Connect Vera 3...

Hello everyone, I just took delivery of the new Vera3 about a week ago. Right out of the box, I’ve been having a bit of difficulty. I wouldn’t consider myself a techie nor an end user with zero intelligence. On that note any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is where i’m at:

I was excited to hear that the Vera3 has wi-fi capabilities and it would connect to my router. That software isn’t updated and ready for use yet as per the Tech Support people. SO, i moved onto the next logical choice for myself which is to conntect it to my Current router. I can’t seem to get the WAN light on solid Green. It only FLASHES.

SO, my next move was to make the Vera3 the Primary Router (which would require me to change all my devices that connect to the internet on the old router, and i’m ready to do that) but after taking the cable modem wire and plugging it directly into the Vera3 WAN slot. Nothing comes up or works, STILL have that flashing Green WAN light on the controller.

LASTLY, I plugged my Vera3 directly into my laptop and gave it a Static IP address. THAT allowed me to FINALLY connect to the device via Dashboard. That was great, and I thought I was on my way but when I login to the device since it cannot connect to the internet it errors out and doesn’t let me work in the Dashboard so I can get comfortable with the interface and possibly, just possibly connect a device or 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I held off on buying the Vera3 for 2 weeks because I thought it was a better product but im wondering if i made a mistake and didn’t go with a tested Vera2 with a lower UI than UI5.


You need to connect wan port into your network and your laptop into lan port. Vera should give you an ip address from network and you should be able to connect to it at address.

Thx! I’m up and running.