Can't access Vera locally

Can anyone give me some pointers on being able to access the Vera Locally. I lost local access after losing power to my Routers. I am able to get on logging in, but just can’t access from home locally.

Did you set it up with a static IP? If not and its DHCP, is it that you don’t know the IP address of it?
If this is the case then depending on if you are using UI4/ or UI2/3 with, then it should tell you the IP address when you first log in via your LAN. You can then use this IP address in your browser directly!

Thanks! I don’t believe it’s a static IP, but what do I have to do to lock the IP to Vera, because it appears that Vera is the only problem I have if I lose power to the Routers, and the IP gets changed, everything else works fine. My unit was upgraded to UI4, and yes, I can log in with just the IP address.

Under UI4, it’s Advanced->Network&Wifi, there’s a similar menu under the previous UI releases. You can manually set the ip address values there. You may need to change all your devices to fixed ip addresses, otherwise when the router gets powered up it may assign the Vera address to something else first. Theoretically, with DHCP the router is supposed to attempt to reassign the same ip address, but this is after the expiry of the lease, in the case of a power loss it may not be able to do it. The other thing you can do is to limit the range of available DHCP addresses in your router setup, then set the Vera ip address outside that range, that way you could leave everything else on DHCP.

Almost all modern routers have a function to reserve an address against a known MAC address; this will also give you a static IP address!
If you can get to the web interface in your router then I recommend you do it there instead along with anything else you have like a camera etc that also interfaces with Vera.