Cannot Hard Reset

Hello All,

My VeraEdge, which I purchased in August 2016, has been a source of constant problems recently and I am about ready to give up and move-on to an alternative. The unit has always had problems, but in the last week they have become so bad the unit is no longer usable.

Since Friday (January 19th) I was no longer able to establish a remote connection to the controller. Each time I went to, the page said “Controller Offline”, however, it was not. It worked fine locally, but I did notice the “Service” light was off on the controller. I had made no changes to my network configuration (i.e. firewall, router, etc. all had not changed). I rebooted everything, including the Vera and still had the same result.

I then tried to perform a Firmware upgrade, as the new version was available and UI7 was asking to perform the upgrade when I first logged-in. I created a backup and then clicked on the “Upgrade Firmware” button. The bottom portion of the screen went blank and there was no status being reported. After more than two hours of no activity and the screen remaining static, I decided to forcefully reboot the unit as it was obviously “stuck”. When the unit rebooted, it was in the same state it was in before I started the upgrade and was responsive through UI7. I verified that the firmware had not been upgraded - essentially, nothing had happened.

After several hours of trying to figure out why the unit was no longer behaving normally, I resigned myself to having to perform a “hard” reset. I thought this would resolve the issue, but in fact I am now in worse shape. To reset the unit I held in the reset button for more than 30 seconds and the power light started to blink quickly. It remained in this state for more than two hours - again, nothing was happening, except that on, the controller was removed from my profile. Finally, after another hour, I powered off the unit and restarted it. To my surprise, the unit started again and I was able to access it locally, but it was in the exact same state as it was before the reset. With the exception of all of my Zwave devices being removed, everything was the same. All of my plugins were still there and so were my virtual devices and IP cameras! Nothing happened!

I decided to try again and leave the unit overnight thinking it may require more time. So, I performed the hard reset again and waited a full 24 hours, but when I came back to the unit, the Power LED was still blinking rapidly. I performed a hard reboot of the unit, and it was in the exact same state as when I had left it. Something is clearly wrong here. It as if it cannot write the factory image back to the unit or something. I have reported this to support and I will await an answer. I am now dead in the water. All I want to do is reset the unit and start over. But, if anyone here can help, that would be great.

Curiously, in the log file I see a few of these errors and I wonder if it has anything to do with my problem:

02 01/22/18 20:45:04.344 e[33;1mUserData::TempLogFileSystemFailure start 0e[0m <0x7723d000>
10 01/22/18 20:45:04.365 FileUtils::DelFile /tmp/write_user_data.tmp <0x7723d000>
02 01/22/18 20:45:04.365 e[33;1mUserData::TempLogFileSystemFailure 4725 res:1


I have a Vera 3 and I have to do a hard reset to clear out enough memory to update the firmware.

When I do a hard reset, I have to plug it into LAN port since it also erases the Wi-Fi settings. Once it boots up, I update the firmware and reboot.

I have to add the controller back into my Mios account but that just takes a little time.

Then I set up the Wi-Fi, power down once it is working and place it back in its normal place.

Then I am ready to restore the backup.

Note: the last time (last Sunday) I updated the firmware, a device XML did not get installed, which broke 3 Jasco switches and a Leviton outlet. Copied the file using WinSCP and rebooted. All is working fine now.

Next time you cannot remote into Vera, you may want to contact Customer Care. They have been pretty responsive the few times I have reached out.

Thanks for the reply. I actually got it to finally perform a hard reset. After much trouble, it seems that when I invoked the reset from the user interface and not the SSH command or physical button it worked! I know they probably all call the same code, but for some unknown reason it worked. After giving it a half-hour I logged back on and it was completely reset. I then performed the firmware upgrade and I seem to be back in business.

I believe that what caused all of this mess was that the Vera ran out of space. Th ERGY plugin, plus dataMine (which I never actually used because it never installed properly) was taking up too much space and causing the unit to act erratically. Well I learned my lesson - the Edge clearly needs to be kept as clean as possible to avoid issues. BTW… I am still waiting for Vera to contact me more than 24 hours later. This unit is just barely tolerable. After two years of frustration, I think I will be moving on to Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 3.

I have the same problem. Unfortunately, I can not even log in, it does not appear on the network either under the device IP address. The hard reset button does not work, nothing happens. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(