Cannot add new Ecolink Motion Sensors

My Veralite is running 1.6.641. I have dozens of physical devices and PLEG devices installed and working well. I have never really had any problems installing a new Z-wave device… until now.

I just bought four (4) Ecolink PIR-ZWAVE2 Motion Detectors. I have been unable to get any of the units to connect to my Veralite. I put the Veralite in Inclusion Mode, I put the Motion Sensor in Inclusion Mode, but the Veralite never acknowledges the Motion Sensor to add it. I have tried un-enrolloing the devices first, but no help. I have tried enrolling them with the Veralite in battery mode with the motion sensor right next to the Veralite, but no help.

I can see that the Motion Detectors are properly sensing movement and blinking when they do, but I just can’t get them to connect to my Veralite.

What I am doing wrong? Is there another Brand/model of motion sensor that I can try?

I added 2 of these about a month ago to my VeraLite with no issues. when I added mine, to get the Pir to be inclusion/exclusion mode I removed the Pir battery for a few seconds then put it back in.

Same here, Had to remove the Battery and reinsert to get it to be recognized by Vera.
(Apparently they use the battery as a power up change state feature)
In Addition if you are changing any timeouts etc using the “settings/Configure node right now” feature, you may have to remove the battery and reinsert to wake it up to accept the command. (Had the device in a bad state and would never wake up to accept the command).

Does anyone know why you can’t change the wakeup interval from 3600 seconds to 1800?
I realize the motion time out is 4 minutes but I would like to be able to poll it sooner than that.

There is also a switch in the upper right hand corner that senses the case being attached I had to push that button a few times to get the device to poll while setting the features.

Polling a battery device isn’t really a good idea. If the device is asleep it won’t matter. I just got 2 of these and have left then in test mode for the past week which changes the state in 5 seconds. Is working fine for me and don’t really see a drain on the battery. If they last longer than 3 months over my aeons I will be happy

Were you able to get your devices added? I purchased 4 of these and first 3 installed no trouble. Now the forth one won’t add. I have done same thing for all 4.