Cannot add devices: help a newbie?

I have a Vera2 with the new UI and I’m trying to add 2 Intermatic lamp modules that were on an Intermatic HA07 controller. I clicked on ‘add device’ and followed the directions, but nothing.

In step 4 of the directions, it says:
“When Vera has successfully added a device the Z-Wave light will flutter for a second.”

…this doesn’t happen. I thought it may have something to do with being part of another network (on the HA07 controller) so I reset that to default. I tried about 8 times now… very frustrated.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I believe that once a device has been paired with another controller they must be unpaired first.

Yes, remove or uninclude or delete the decives first, that resets them to be able to be included into Vera2. Follow the delete device procedure for each. Then include procedure.

Thanks guys! This worked.
I thought that defaulting the controller would automatically unpair them, but I guess I was wrong.