Cancel a scene, am I missing anything?

I keep running into cases where I want to cancel a scene and don’t see an easy way to do it. Two examples:

  1. When my front door closes, wait 30 minutes and then lock it. BUT CANCEL THE SCENE IF THE DOOR IS OPENED DURING THE 30 MINUTE WAIT
  2. When my front door armed and it is opened start a beeper, wait 1 minute, then sound my alarm. BUT CANCEL THE SCENE IF A KEYPAD IS ACTIVATED DURING THE 1 MINUTE WAIT

These don’t seem like unreasonable things to want to do. I’m not a LUA coder, but even looking at LUA examples in the forum I don’t see an way to do these.

Am I missing anything?


you cannot cancel a scene. I searched for this a while ago. Your available options:

  1. PLEG (i never understood this)
  2. Use a countdown timer (check the apps section for this).

With the countdown timer you can reset or cancel the timer before it ends. You then have another scene that activates when the countdown timer ends.

Reactor can also handle these tasks.