Can Vera 2 UI4 tell me Internet IP address?

Here’s my situation… I have a Vera 2 with UI4 running at a remote vacation home. it is working fine and I can get to it via I also have a DDNS service running for my webcams and other stuff. It seems like the DDNS is down because I can’t get into anything other than Vera. If I know the current IP address I could get into my router and see what’s going on with the DDNS update and maybe fix this problem.

Can I get my current house IP address from Vera? I looked around and did not see it anywhere. I also searched old posts and found someone asking the same question but the responses all told him to get a DDNS service :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for anyone that offers advice.

You can do it with a bit of a hack by adding a generic webcam and linking it to

See this post for further details:,6673.msg53206.html#msg53206

Thanks a bunch. Took two minutes to setup and works fine. Now I have a backdoor.