Can this alarm be integrated?

Can anyone give any advice or thoughts on if my alarm could be integrated into my vera system? I see they do provide an IP module so maybe it’s possible? I was thinking of buying a new DSC based alarm panel but just buying an IP module for my existing alarm would be cheaper…

Any help would be appreciated…

The IP module looks like it is only for reporting to the central station (Thats what the “contact ID” line is about)

I also read the installation PDF and it supports what I said also.

I never heard of your alarm before… but to interface with vera, generally you have an interface that presents itself as Keypad to the alarm system. Some systems have direct IP connections or serial to accomplish the interface… (Non keyboard)

in your case, there is no plug in for Vera, so you would need to write that yourself.

To integrate an Alarm Panel, you typically need the following items:

[ul][li]a) An Serial or Internet interface module that exposes that Panel.[/li]
[li]b) A formally documented API for how to interact with this interface module (Locally, or via a service over the Net)[/li]
[li]c) Ability to write code, or a Programmer that has the exact same hardware as you.[/li]
[li]d) Lots of time on your hands to write & debug the code ;)[/li][/ul]

Typically it’s a fairly long investment of time to write a complete Alarm interface. Some folks have written minimalist hooks to their panels, but those are far less common (since even those still take time)

Probably not what you want to hear…

Thanks for the feedback guys! I suspected as much really.

My plan now will probably be to pick up a DSC panel and replace my existing panel. The DSC ones seem to have a lot of support…