Can the normal UI automatically trend a thermostat back to within a range

I’m reviewing options for remote control of thermostats (initially at least) and like the look of MCV. In my situation I own a vacation rental and I want to periodically check whether the temp settings are within a range of my choice, and if not then to (ideally, gradually) change the setting back to within the range.

I can’t see from the online info whether this is do-able from the normal scene timer/event settings or whether I’d need to write something myself to do this.

Does anyone know if this is something that can be set using the standard UI configurations?

Also, I was considering using the Wayne Dalton thermostats - any reason not to for this purpose?


You have full control over the setpoints, and can monitor the temperature and setpoints within the standard UI.

Excellent - so I can truly set-and-forget the system to keep the temperature within a range. Optionally, I can remotely connect to it to change or override any settings.

This system sounds like the right way to go even for the simple thermostat control as it is easily expanded. Is there anything I should know that Vera doesn’t do at the moment - something that I may be assuming that it does or that others havw discovered in usage that was surprising? I think it’s easier to ask what it doesn’t do as from what I can see it’s fairly comprehensive.


Kinda the same topic, I hope. I have yet to purchase anything Zwave, but am convinced Vera is the way to go.
A beginner here, but have been learning about Zwave for almost a month, and feel pretty confident.
One question, at least possibly just concerning the Wayne Dalton, or the Trane thermostat… with a heat pump involved… anything 2 degrees over current temp automatically kicks on the electric furnace, sometimes called ‘emergency heat’. Any way to circumvent that, in at least stepping up the thermostat 2 degrees for awhile at a time? Would this need to ensure that a constant therm temp level is set, and just set events to happen 2 degrees at a time, or can you ‘batch’ commands to walk the temp up? Reason I ask, I usually keep the house 4-6 degrees cooler in winter (NC) and would set up a ‘Coming home’ event ( or mulitple events if need be) at various times of certain days.