"Can’t detect device" on Poll Now


I’ve got a brand spanking new VeraPlus and an Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 to try out and I find that although the sensor sends open/closed indications correctly, when I go to advanced and click on “Poll Now” is shows “Can’t detect device”.

The VeraPlus and sensor are both sitting on my desk. I’m newbie to all of this … so what am I doing wrong?


Hello Rob,

Welcome to the Vera Community. Battery operated devices cannot be polled on-demand as most of them are always in sleep mode and only wake up when they are triggered by an event like a “trip” command, or woken up by the onboard button. The poll command only works on hardwired devices, like switches.

If you haven’t stumbled upon this thread yet, I advise having a look at it:

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Thank you.

What would be great is if Vera did not offer a poll rate setting or poll now command for battery powered sensors. That would be a nice UX improvement.