Can someone help me use strobe only on my Fortrezz SSA3

Gents and Ladies,

I’ve finally gotten round to adding my siren after a year of owning it.

I want to use PLEG to set the strobe before it goes off, and also on Arm and Disarm.

Once included it is found and includes as device type Siren:1 with the associated json and xml files.

I read that it can accept a multi level input of 0-33 for strobe only 34 -66 siren only and 67-100 or 255 is both.
I can only set on and off with this device.

I have tried to change the device type to a dimmable light, and change the files, it changes itself back.

I would like to add a new service so I can select this. Can it be done?
Either that or is there anything that can be done with Luup code?