Can my viaSENS (SeluxIt) USB Adapter be used with Vera

I have a viaSens USB Adapter from seluxit. (Seluxit) and is wondering if this adapter will work with Vera?

Has anyone tried this?

I haved used the adapter with mControl, Housebot and LinuxMCE.

There is a usb key when you buy vera and that works whit it.

The seluxit do not work whit it, it acts like a other kind of device.

Yes the Seluxit adapter works fine, you’ll have just to change the Zwave Port Option from /dev/usb/tts/0 to /dev/usb/acm/0
But in the Vera’s price it’s included also a dongle that has incorporated the include mode ( you won’t need a handlet controller anymore)
Note: Our firmware it’s working only on our boxes, it won’t work if you put it on a box that you haven’t bought from our shop.

I already have a Z-wave network running using the viaSens USB Adapter running with Housebot.

Until now Housebot is the best sotware I have found that fullfill my needs. But what I really need is an embedded platform that is using very little power.

I already have a Wl500gp and I found the firmware on Your site and dicided to give it a try. The firmware installed nicely and I could connect to the box, showing the Web GUI.

I have ordered the Micasaverde USB Z-wave dongle from a local web shop here in Denmark, and the dongle is arriving today.

So if a decide to go with Vera is it possible to reuse my old WL500gp and only buy a Vera software license from Micasaverde?

have you checket out the danish forum on ?

There is an automated provisioning system that takes some time if it’s did by hand. Send us an email to support and we’ll try to see what we can do.