can I trigger a PLEG schedule 'do it now' by a scene - possible feature request

I do not think this is possible, or please correct me if it is…
I would like to trigger the ‘do it now’ button in PLEG - Inputs - Schedule by a scene or any other action
Ideally I would want a scene or a virtual switch to trigger a specific ‘do it now’ button, basically I want to check if a schedule state is true or false, and then send a manual do it now to change the state. There is multiple uses for this. One of them would be some of my schedules get stuck, meaning schedules which should only be true weekends and then turn false stay on true, and then screw up my logic. I then have to go into UI5, open my PLEG and trigger the do it now to get everything in line again. If I had a scene to do it it would be a lot easier. It also opens other possibilities to trigger actions and change the state of conditions which rely on schedules