Can I transfer a Vera secure to a ezlo?

I have a Vera secure with 30 devices. Is there a way to transfer from a Vera to an ezlo?

There is currently no migration path.

You will have to pair again your devices to the new Ezlo Secure.

So I would need to deleted each device from the Vera and pair it to the Ezlo. Do I need to take down each devices and bring it within 3ft of the Ezlo to pair it with that?

If this is the case(within 3ft ), i don’t know if Ezlo Secure is also USB powered as Ezlo Plus.
You can power hub from laptop or USB power bank and take hub near device.

There is currently no migration path.
You will have to pair again your devices to the new Ezlo Secure.

I’ve been a Vera Edge user for a fairly long time. My setup has been fairly ok. I’ve never had issues with firmware upgrades but had my share of pain of unstable network though but got it much more stable after giving it a log of fine tuning love (which was painful and cumbersome). I’m been fairly happy and never really complained.

I almost threw out my Vera in favor of another hub just around the point when Ezlo acquired Vera but I did choose to stick around to see how the development on Ezlo turned out. I have about 120 devices. Most which are in wall devices which will cost me a visit from an electrician to exclude and include due to the fact that here in Norway its illegal for a non electrician to tamper with in wall devices (I loose my insurance if I do). Its not just a matter of the time of excluding and including 120 devices, but also the cost of having an electrician on site to un-mount and mount in wall devices while doing this. So one of my main wishes from a new hub is to be able to move without having to exclude and include devices.

To be honest; I’m deeply disappointed you have decided to not support moving the network from a Vera to an Ezlo.

If I have to rebuilt my network I have to be honest that other controllers seems a lot more lucrative.

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Fully agree with Trygve, it is very disappointing not to be able to move all devices from VeraPlus to Ezlo.
I am not referring to scene or plug-in but only to be able to shift the primary role to Ezlo.

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Currently the team is working on :
Backup Functionality that will enable you to replace an Ezlo with Same Ezlo hub as well as Plugin framework so that plugins can be written and shared in plugin store.

We will then investigate how to move the devices from Vera to Ezlo : Can’t guarantee if it is viable or not.
Scenes/rules etc are all transferrable (our initial analysis), but transferring the devices requires a more analysis.

We are also working on running an old Vera hub and new Ezlo hub together as one account.


So we can carefully assess that VeraSecure will be the last model to be issued by you in the foreseeable time if not indefinitely.
Actually this does not come as a surprise.

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One of the product reviews said that in pairing devices with Ezlo Secure, you must know the exact make and model of the Z-wave device. Does that mean there is no generic Z-wave device inclusion as there is with Vera?

No, there is a generic inclusion capability with Ezlo. I use it all the time :slight_smile:

Checking if there was any progress with the VeraPlus to Ezlo migration?

Hello @nirgal,
The team has made great progress on the migration process but it is not ready to be released to the public yet. We highly appreciate your interest and your patience. We hope we can have it done in the next few months.
Kind regards!

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