Can I stop a heal in the middle of it's routine?

UI4, Vera2

I had a power failure yesterday and lost complete control of my devices from my Vera. Uploaded a backup from the previous working day, and began a heal.

Then I did some perusing of this forum and it was suggested that I check the “rebuild z wave dongle” option, which I didn’t do initially because I don’t have a “dongle”

So, now its in the middle of a heal w/ stress, and I’d like to end that process and restore again with the dongle check.

Can I just exit out without causing any further damage?


a way is disconnecting the vera and perhaps its not that good idea while the z-wave configuration get updated. better wait it out. on UI5 you can press the RELOAD button.

I was afraid that would be the answer!


just tried the RELOAD button so try this. it wont hurt as vera finishes what its doing in the background

Where do I find the “reload” button on UI4 wizard? Can I just jump to the dashboard from the heal and reload from there?

PS The heal seems to be stuck on stage 5 of 7, configuring node 74. Hasnt moved there for quite a while. Saw the same problem last night also.

perhaps its battery operated device… it will wait an hour or so for it to “wake up”
you can go to the dashboard and press RELOAD there

thanks, I’ll try that.

hope it helps. what i allways do to speed up the heal is just press the tamperswitch on the battery operated device while it waits for the device to wake up.

Everything is back and working!

Didn’t need to do a heal (so far).

Thanks for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

Funny thing is that the unit says it might take up to 2 hours to restore the dongle. It took, maybe, 30 seconds. Weird!

depends on how large your z-wave network is , i.e how many z-wave devices are connected.