Can I set up the Nest AP to display current room temperature?

My upstairs thermostat (Honeywell) display the current room temp, even when the device is set to off (not heat or cool). The downstairs NEST however, only shows room humidity, and setpoints, on the Vera ap panel. Is there a way to add current room temp to that too? I didn’t see any way to enable it in options or settings.

If you are running UI7, I was told in November that “3rd party developers cannot create a device that will look like the thermostats form UI7”, which I consider a major regression from UI5 firmware. If your Honeywell is a Z-Wave thermostat, this may be a reason why it looks more sensible on UI7.

I have not heard any further information from MiOS/MiCasaVerde/Vera/GetVera on that. As always, if anyone has since learned differently from my November-era information and can point me to relevant plugin developer information, please let me know!


The plugin is working correctly in UI7. For some reason the current temperature doesn’t show up on Web interface but it’s being reported to Vera. Same thing with my Aeon Smart Energy switch. It reports current wattage but not total usage. My fix was installing home automation app, in my case HomeWave and using it instead.