Can I reboot WiFi / LAN router with Vera 3 and Z-Wave switched outlet?

I was away last weekend and my home router locked up. This killed my remote monitoring. It was easilly fixed by unplugging, waiting a few seconds and plugging my router back in.

I started wondering if I could install a Z-Wave receptacle to power the router, and have Vera 3 check for my WiFi (or hardwired LAN) every 90 mins and perform a 1 minute power down-power up cycle to hard reboot the router?

Probably a lot of us have similar issues and this could be a slick way of maintaining connectivity.

Unfortunately, I am not sure how to have Vera 3 watch this?!?



This has been done in the past using the ping plugin. If you have it monitor either your router LAN address and also perhaps another instance to something like, then you can use this as a trigger for a scene that cycles the power on the router.

Oh wow… in front of my nose the entire time! [url=][/url]

I had an extra Z-Wave receptacle and already wired and tested the code. SWEET!!!