Can I duplicate scenes with UI4? How to program secondary controllers??

Hello All, I’m a noob home automation in general, though I am a bonafide geek.
I just bought a Vera2, so I’m casting about for some basics about UI4.

  • Is there a way to duplicate an existing scene on a Vera2 UI4?

I’ve some remotes to use as secondaries, Intermatic’s HA09 6-channel “handy remote” and their HA07 12-channel remote. I’ve got a couple questions about them:

  1. After setting them up as secondary remotes to the Vera, how can I make them able to turn individual lights on and off? (or are “scenes” the only way to do this?)
  2. How do I use the Vera to control them?
  3. Do they act as “repeaters” in the zwave mesh network, so that I could place one of them in a “dark” spot of my network, and hope for some improved connectivity for my most distant nodes?
    (does anyone know of some specific how-to’s about how to really make secondary remotes useful with a Vera2?)

Thanks for any help,