Can I access a tstat without using Nexia? Looking for automation setup advice

Thats the base question I have.

We are getting a new furnace and getting a new thermostat. Wife and I don’t really like the look of the plain monotone tstats out there. White box, black letters. We like the look of the nest and these 824/850/950 thermostats BUT we on’t like the idea of having to pay the nexia fee. $10/month.

So our setup would ideally include getting and setting up a good looking thermostat, door locks, couple cameras, lights, motion sensor, couple other basic things maybe. I’m open to whatever system and can handle some hacking on my own but want things fairly easy to automate together and a big key is to access it all remotely from our phones, etc.

I do need to mention my HVAC system DOES have a heat pump. I’ve read 2nd Gen Nest can run these now?

The quote I got from the furnace guy says this about the furnace:

Installation of an American Standard 97% efficient variable speed furnace Mod# AUH2B060 with a two stage gas
valve in-place of the electric furnace. Installation will include the proper removal and disposal of the old equipment,
New indoor evaporator coil, easy access filtered return, supply plenum, gas piping from the gas meter,
condensation drain piping, American Standard ACONT802 touchscreen thermostat.

American Standard GOLD824 color touch screen Nexia thermostat w/bridge. $ 380.00
Bright Brass lever lock entry door lock. $ 218.00
Light Module. $ 58.00
Indoor wireless camera. $ 206.00
Outdoor wireless camera. $ 297.00
Door Sensor. $ 61.00
Motion Sensor. $ 82.00