Can Arm, but not DisArm DSC 1864 through Vera iPhone App

I’ve got my new DSC PowerSeries 1864 configured, installed the EVL-4, and I’m pretty sure that’s all configured properly. I just installed the DSC plugin on my VeraLite, and have all zones defined, and I can see my partition. The options presented through the iPhone app are “All On Delay, All On Instant, Turn Off, Part On Delay, Part On Instant, Force Arm.” If I choose Part On Delay, the system will arm itself, but the Turn Off option does not disarm the system. Am I missing some configuration somewhere in the controller settings? I know if I go to the controller through the standard web browser, I have to input my PIN code before choosing “Arm, Stay, Force, or Disarm” (slightly different options through the Controller UI versus the mobile app). Can anyone point me in the right direction?


If remote Arming and Disarming is not required from Vera, then exit and save; however if this is required then stay in this screen and enter one of the following into the EnableRemoteArm variable:

disarm (Least secure as all functions are available including disarm)
arm (Will enable away and stay arming)

Yup, did that, but still can’t disarm from the mobile app.

I have the same issue…DSC pluggin settings: DCS alarm panel, advanced, variables tab, EnableRemoteArm = disarm. I can arm only. When I try to disarm I get error “DSCAlarmPanel : Remote Disarm mode is not enabled”. ??? ???

Same issue - did anyone get to a solution?
The EnableRemoteArm = disarm is showing on the variables screen, I can only ARM AWAY or STAY but can’t disarm.