Can anyone help with Düwi shutter switch (operation time configuration) ?


I bought two Düwi Zwave shutter switches. I’m trying to configure operation time (parameter 0) through my VeraLite.

For those switches, parameter 0 value is supposed to be a 2 bytes hexadecimal value between 0x0000 and 0xFEFE (or its equivalent in decimal value).

Here are the behaviour I observe when I try to setup parameter 0 on both switches:
“default” mode / write of “CDCD” :

  • switch 1: stored after write 27242 (0x6A6A)
  • switch 2: stored after write 28270 (0x6E6E)

“default” mode / write of 52685 (== 0xCDCD in decimal):

  • switch 1: stored after write 27242 (0x6A6A)
  • switch 2: stored after write 26985 (0x6969)

same tests as above but with “2 bytes hex” and “2 bytes dec” provides a different behaviour (but identical on both switch):

  • any value from 0x0000 up to 0x8080 are correctly stored
  • any value from 0X8081 up to 0xFEFE is rejected (“failed setting user configuration” error or something like this)

My reseller thinks that the VeraLite is the root cause and not the Düwi switches. Do you have any advice to test what’s wrong and check if the vera is the source of the problem ?

Does anyone have such a switch (Düwi 5436) with any Vera box in order to try to configure parameter 0 to CDCD and check behavior ?


This is not going to help you at all, but I just wanted to say that the version of Düwi 6436 works well with Vera. But apparently they are quite different, because I don’t have anything on Parameter 0 according to manual.

Hopefully someone else has the exact device that you have!


The switch works with the vera, only part of its configuration does not.

Is your switch a shutter switch ? If no, then it’s normal that you don’t have operation time setting (reversed engineered to be parameter 0 (manual only provides parameter values, not parameter id))