Can anyone explain the basics of IP Camera Integration??

There are some really smart people in this forum, so I am hoping that someone can explain the basics of IP cameras and getting software to display the images correctly.

I am having problems getting IP cameras to display in various software programs like apps of even browsers.
Some of the cameras I use can be added to the Vera easily and not to Irule or vise versa or some to Irule and not to ImperiHome. Some can be pulled up in a browser and not in Vera.

I understand the basics of camera imagery of:
Frame Rate of Frames per Second
Compression (codecs)
IP Address

I realize the Foscam cameras mostly work with the Vera stuff, does that mean they will work with all other viewing IP Camera apps and software?
If I can see the camera with my browser, why can I not get other camera viewing apps and software to see the camera also?
What gives? What am I missing? How can I determine what cameras will work with what software before I buy them and they end up as door stops?
Please explain this black art.
Thanks in advance.