Cameras that support upload to FTP server?

I am looking to add a few basic cameras to my system. I would like a camera to support uploading to an FTP server. This seems harder and harder to find and is also hard to find in the specs. My Foscams now work OK, but support in Win 10 and support in general has been horrible.

Anyone know of models for some basic cams that support this and motion detect?


I use Blue Iris Software and works with about any Cameras

I second Blue Iris, My recordings are placed on a NAS so I can access them pretty easily. And if I expand to door bell cameras and outdoor cameras, the flexibility of BI will easily integrate with Vera. You can also “arm” and “disarm” BI with Vera and have motion triggers from those cameras send you notifications. Then the cameras can be almost anything.

Does anyone know of a Mac equivalent?


Thanks…I will look at Blue Iris. I looked at it about 4 years ago and the server I have is running linux and if memory serves me it was only Windows based. My Foscams now ftp to this server on motion detect.

It’s still Windows only :frowning:

I have a synology and I like it. It has remote view with no ports to be opened.

I wrote some code to enable and disable recording based on occupancy/night, and a custom app to send gifs to telegram with 8 seconds of animated capture after some events (mostly doors or entryways opened).

There’s an old thread doing a similar thing, if you want the same (well, using still images).