Camera with Raspberry PI and Pi camera

I setup a camera using a raspberry pi with the motion application for motion detection. The camera is connected to the network using WLAN and it works fine. I can access the jpeg images through my browser with username =raspberry and password = raspberry.

I tried to add the camera as a new cam in my vera 3 (see capture1) when clicking next, i got another authentification popup (see capture2) to enter a username and password. The message from the server is: Motion Stream Security Access.

What username and password do i have to enter? i can’t get the camera integrated in my vera.

Thanks for support.

Hi devauda
Did you manage to get this solved? I’m looking at a similar setup but need to know if it can be done before I start…


Yes, i did but it’s a long time ago.

Here are my notes:
I used these 2 links for my project:

For the web server:

You can then access the pictures:

I have also written a script to delete the images after some days (my NAS was full) and to reboot the RPI once a day (it sometimes freeze after one week).

To integrate the camera in my vera:

  1. Select a generic camera
  2. Enter the ip address 192.168.0.xx
  3. Enter the MAC address (Necessary to archive the pictures on the micasaverde servers)
  4. Enter the url: camimages/lastsnap.jpg

Hope it helps