Camera Question

I have seen this camera on here that people are buying. Can I get a confirmation that this is compatible with a VeraLite Home Controller?

Id like to run a cat5e POE cable from my switch. Will the controller and IOS app detect and control this?

I run 3 of the 8910 non PoE versions without any issues. PoE should not make any difference apart from it receiving power via the cat5e cable instead of the wall wart.

Mine are supported by AuthomationHD and Imperihome on Android. As I no longer use iOS devices I’m unsure about iOS app capabilities. However, most communication from iOS/Android apps to Vera is through http/ajax calls and as such the camera’s should be supported providing the app can handle camera feeds…

The camera will work fine, I have one installation that has 16 foscam’s connected to Vera and they are view-able on the webpage and apps (HomeWave).

I would highly recommend getting BlueIris to do the recording and motion detection for the cameras and have Vera get the feed from BlueIris through the BlueIris plugin, you will get the pan/tilt plus a live video feed vs a snapshoot every few seconds. The motion detection on BlueIris is much better, you can adjust the sensitivity and mask areas such as trees, ceiling fans, lights, streets, etc. Plus you can have BlueIris email you pictures or video of the motion or send notification to your mobile device.

I have a 12 year old PC with 2GB or RAM running 6 cameras just fine, so you don’t need a powerful computer for BlueIris unless you are adding a lot of 2-5 MP cameras.

Can I use the Foscam FI9821W V2 as well? Thanks