Call for Testers – Official Z-Wave Field Test Program

[size=10pt]Call for Testers – Official Z-Wave Field Test Program [/size]
Sigma Designs is current looking for beta testers for a field testing program, testing the newest and greatest Z-Wave features. We are experimenting with new network resolutions techniques and features to enable more user-friendly installation and use of Z-Wave products.

The test program is a 30 day program, and we are looking for persons that:

[ul][li]Are located in the USA[/li]
[li]Are willing to experiment with new innovative features in Z-Wave products, as with all new products this comes with the risk that the products can include bugs [/li]
[li]Are willing to incorporate their existing Z-Wave network into the an experimental network [/li]
[li]Are willing to provide a floor plan of their home, with locations of Z-Wave devices [/li]
[li]Are willing to let us run stress tests on their network (primarily during night time) [/li]
[li]Own a Mi Casa Verde – Vera Gateway and is willing to experiment with it [/li]
[li]And are willing to share their experiences and observations in order for us to make Z-Wave even better [/li][/ul]

In return you we will provide you with a Z-Wave product package loaded with the newest feature of the Z-Wave stack. At the end of the test period the products are yours to keep, we do however reserve the right to recall products if severe bugs are found.

Due to overwhelming response we are now closing registration for the beta program.
Thank you for your interest, we will contact you if you have been selected to participate.

  • Søren D[/i]