California Dreaming

…or at least my VP is. House was cold this morning. Stumbled downstairs in the dark (forgot that the ZRC 90 numbers changed in the 7.30 update, mea culpa)
Underfloor thermostat thinks it’s about 2200 (odd)
Turn the heating on manually (Mrs C stops shouting)
Look at the dashboard: Timezone GMT: check
Time: 2155 WTF!
Flipped the timezone a couple of times, but that was interesting…

I shall watch with interest


Ah, not so good… but perhaps not so odd either.

The actual UPnP standard for temperature measurements (completely flouted by Vera) in units of 1/100 Celsius. So that makes it 22°C, or 71.6°F.

Ahh, sorry I meant 22:00 zulu time…

i.e Actual time - 8 hours. I wasn’t aware that Vera could change the time on that device, or maybe it can’t and it was simply coincidence but…

Anyway. Watching the time carefully now…


Ah, I was being too clever!

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Sadly I cannot claim to be similar :smiley:


Hi @Catman, I see that you may have an explanation for this under the extroot thread Vera extroot

sorry to be pedantic but in trying to follow your posts, in one your said that “the underfloor thermostat thinks it’s about 2200 (odd)” and in a subsequent post you said " I meant 22:00 zulu time" - was the thermostat actually showing the time zone (zulu = UTC = GMT)?

What make and model of thermostat are you using to control your underfloor heating? I am thinking of changing my thermostat to one I can monitor and possibly control via my VP but am finding a lack on information on the capabilities for direct control i.e. using controls on the thermostat itself. The instructions for the ones I have looked at so far see to assume that functions such as temperature override etc will be handled via the z-wave controller and don’t documents whether direct control, i.e. at the thermostat, is provided or how it is done. My current thermostat allows a number of times/temperatures to be set for each day as well as providing a temperature override till the next timet/temperature setting, for a fixed time period, or permanently. I think there is a “holiday mode” and “frost protection” hidden in the settings somewhere but I don’t currently use them.

My design philosophy for my network is that each device should be capable of being controlled directly via buttons or physical switches on or connected to the device and should continue to operate and be controlled in the event of a z-wave controller failure.

Yes it was showing the time. As well as being a dumbish thermostat, it has control abilities of its own, which I don’t use. So it has a RTC as well. It would appear that this gets synced by / to Vera (and yes we have the answer for the 8 hour time drift so that’s good)

The underfloor is controlled by this:

In don’t use any of the program feature, just the set point, controlled by Vera.
It works perfectly well as that, although Very, as a device, things it has fan and cooling modes as well, which is a bit odd. I’ve not messed around t with trying to fix that as I just leave it on ‘Heat’ and when the sensed temperature drops below the set point on comes the heat :slight_smile:

Another benefit of this is that the temperature sensor in the device can be calibrated. Mine was reading about 3-4 Celcius higher than actual, which meant the set points were a bit out of whack with the other stat I have :slight_smile:
The manual was a little hard to translate but managed to get the thing calibrated properly without too much trouble.

OTW I’d recommend it as a cheap(ish) way of integrating your underfloor with Vera


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