Calculating MD5

Is there a library that would help to calculate MD5 on Vera?

I’m thinking about a plugin that would control QoS and some firewall rules on the router based on “I’m home/away” status. MD5 is required for API login.

Never done this on Vera but a search found this:

Unfortunately it required bitlib, which I found on google but seems to be a C library for Lua rather than native. Might get you started though.

Some basic hash algorithms would be a great addition to the standard Lua libraries if they aren’t already there.

If there is no pure Lua implementation of the MD5 algorithm, you could shell out to the command line (os.execute()) and use whatever is available for OpenWRT.

Right, md5sum is there.
I still hope there’s a way to do it without shelling out - it makes the entire plugin way too fragile