CA600 Configuration

Anyone discover any of the configuration variables for the CA600’s from intermatic?

also seems they can ‘control up to 5 devices with mini-scenes’ but when i try to set up groups the dont take. Anyone had success with tweaking these?

The programming guide for the system is available here:

It says that to add devices into a miniscene on (eg) a dimmer, do the following:

-put it into programming mode by switching it off, then holding the lower portion of the rocker for 10 seconds until the status light pulses once

-make changes to any z-wave device you want controlled by the dimmer switch (simultaneously with its local load)

-press and hold the lower rocker switch for 10 seconds to end the programming.

This is detailed on p29 of the manual. There’s nothing in there about how to do it remotely (like with Vera) or any configurable parameters like ramp rates, however which would be useful.

EDIT: You can set this feature by adding other devices to Group 1 via Vera UI in the normal way. Can’t get groups 2 or 3 to work though, so I guess it doesn’t support them.

sorry i hadn’t noticed you replied till now.
thanks for the link.
very helpful.

Can you please elaborate a little on this? I don’t see a “Group 1” (or 2,3,etc.) under “Devices - Other”. I have some rooms that I’ve defined here though… I’m having the same problem trying to set up a simple scene with the CA600. I hold down the off/toggle for 10 seconds but the LED never begins blinking.

EDIT: Ok I got it to work now. I just realized you meant to setup an association under the CA600 options.

I briefly outlined the procedure for using the CA600 to control another switch via association in this post.