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Hard to detect sleeping without a button. I’m very happy with my Wallmode Quad, with which i can set the mode and also set other settings, like sleeping late (handy for non weekend free days).
Also automatic home/away detection would not work with kids, grand parents, cleaning help, etc. But all of them understand the buttons!

For sleeping… I use eightsleep and integrated it through home assistant and site sensor. So yeah it’s possible. :wink:

My night mode is triggered by the bed presence sensor and is turned back to home when it senses my sleep state to go to “awake”

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Well…I’m able to ping my TV from my computer, no problem.

I like the integration with eightsleep, nice one!
I’m still hoping for an easily integratable lock/bolt sensor that detects whether a lock is closed from the inside (night) or outside (away).

What’s eightsleep?

I just push a button on the ZRC-90 in the bedroom, or (far more often) just ask Alexa to turn the house off (I don’t actually use Night mode, I use a Reactor state).

I’m working on a controlled logic to do it automatically, which is quite simple for me as there’s only two people and a couple of cats (who don’t trigger the Fibaros)


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It’s a sleep tracker + bed heater.
It used to be sold as a pad to add to your mattress but I can’t seem to find it anymore. They went to selling the full mattress now. https://www.eightsleep.com/product/smart-bed/
The adder pad was reasonably priced but not sure I would buy a full mattress for this.

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Easiest for me would be a plugin that can check (by pinging) if my TV is on at a specific time. I found the plugin NETMON…but do not know how to implement is (if it can help anyhow) :frowning_face:

First question:
Is your TV connected to the internet?


Yes, the tv is connected to the internet.

OK good
Now do you know what IP address it has when it’s turned on?


Yes i do :blush:

So all you need to do is give site sensor that IP address.

Not overly familiar with it but I’m gonna guess you can use the status of site sensor in reactor. Ping the ip address. If you get a response, don’t close everything down.

Is that helping?

@amg0’s NetMon is also a good option for this. Depends on how you arrive at the “TV On” determination. Some TV’s will always be on the network, so ping alone is not going to do it (they will always respond to ping), you need to make a deeper request, and the precursor to that is figuring out what the request is–API? Not always easy to figure out…

If ping alone does it, NetMon is the better choice. If you make an API request and parse it, SiteSensor may be more appropriate.

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Good shout (as always) sir


In the mean time i was able to setup a perfect solution for my problem…using Reactor and Netmon.
It’s working really nice.
Thanks all for your help !!

I guess Vera/Ezlo have no interest in fixing the native geofencing, especially with all of the workarounds that have been developed. I was once told by support that its amazing it works at all. I’m sure there are difficulties here with the different phone manufacturers OS’s etc but it seems Nest/Google, Amazon and Apple, can get it to work reliably as well as the locator app.
I’m sure they have a relatively full plate but this issue dates back years.

As I said a little higher, Android is pretty much hopeless for consistency. On iOS the smartest way is to not add another app for it and use the native icloud api and it is what the iphone locator does. Vera/ezlo/mios would try to do it through cloud and mobile app which should work but would be an additional service and battery/cpu/memory consumption on top of adding the failure rate and lag of an additional server. I can’t see any solution anywhere, including native being better than @amg0’s iphone locator due to its configurability. No amazon/google or apple could do it better so why would ezlo try?

If you’re interested in trying and helping test/validate a multi-platform geofencing solution I’ve been working on, PM me your email address and I’ll set up an account (free) for you.

Still only US? I can help with GDPR :wink:


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