Busch Jaeger Duro 2000 SI zwave.me not reporting status change directly.

Since a few days i have a Busch Jaeger Duro 2000 SI zwave.me in wall switch that is not reporting a status change directly when i use the switch. It was functioning perfect. Now it takes about three minutes.
The thing is one other switch close to this one was put on another place (Everspring Wall Plug Switch AN1572). After we did that i noticed this was slow. So i did a network heal. That didn’t help. Now i put the Everspring switch back and after a heal its still slow.
When i use the vera lite controller or an app all scenes in which i have a trigger when turning the lights on this switch on work perfectly. When i use the switch itself it takes about 3 minutes before scenes react on the status change.

Is this a settings in the switch which change by the network heal ?

Last night, i tried some things with this switch. Pushing it 3 times quickly makes the response fast.