Building an app to connect with Vera


Im studying IT but im still a beginner. In one of my subjects I pretend to develop an app to connect with Vera Plus. I pretend to use c# as programming language and work on Xamarin.
My question is if it is possible. If so, are there any suggestions?

Yes, you have to wrap the calls and write your own proxies. I did it to control/integrate external things (with .NET Core and a daemon app running on Linux, but your request is very similar).

I will suggest you to start from:

You can see some of the HTTP calls here:


Thank you for your answer. I will take a look into it.

Suggestion: do NOT use the sdata request, ever. Use userdata and status requests only. The sdata request only gives you a subset of data that will prove inadequate for thermostats and other devices.


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