Bug? Or misunderstanding?

Hi guys,

I have been working on my alternate Insteon implementation and associated plugins and have run across a confusing situation. From reading through the wiki, and a bit of trial and error, it seems that where possible the take in my D_*.xml files should name a device that is already “known”.

So, for a simple on/off switch, I use this line :


Doing this allows my devices to be seen and controlled by programs like Home Buddy, which is great. The problem is that I want to use a different json file in the dashboard for controlling some of the alternate attributes and features that the Insteon gear provides. It seems that I should be able to simply specify a different file that has the functionality I am looking for.

So, the beginning of my D_*.xml file would look something like this :

<?xml version="1.0"?> 1 0 urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:BinaryLight:1 D_InsteonRelay.json

However, the devices created with this D_ file don’t use my json file. Instead, they use the built in BinaryLight1 json file.

Is this a bug in the Vera? Or am I missing some fine point about how the pieces fit together?


i have the same problem :-\

same here.

that is why I am using my own device types:

and when you continue reading there it seems to be a bug:

Hi chixxi,

When I started I was using my own device types. Then, I played with Home Buddy and found that it seemed to be programmed to only understand specific device types. After that, I found AutHomation seems to work based on the services a device uses. So I am back to using custom device types.

What bothers me about this is, I swear when I was reading up on working with the Vera there was a page somewhere that indicated that you should use the common device types of maximum compatibility. It is disappointing that unless you only want to expose the bare minimum, you can’t abide by that suggestion.

I’ll take a peek in Mantis and file a bug if there isn’t one already there.

It’s basically: